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Nybegynder  20/21
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
38  Repetition    
37 Lipstick, Powder And Paint
Claire Rutter
Lipstick, Powdwr And Paint
Shakin' Stevens
36 Repetition    
35  Walking On The Moon/ Walking On The Moon Stepsheet -Video Walking On The Moon by
Peter Westh & Julie Burton.
34 Lonely Drum EZ/ Lindy Bowers   Stepsheet Video  Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin
34   Lindi shuffle/  Jane Smee  Stepsheet Video   I Need More Of You/Bellamy Brothers 
34 Try Everything/Lene Mainz Pedersen Stepsheet Video Try Everythin" by Home Free

Walking On The Moon/ Walking On The Moon
Stepsheet Video Walking On The Moon by
Peter Westh & Julie Burton.
Nybegynder 19/20
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
13  Aflyst pga Covid-19    
12  Aflyst pga Covid-19    
11  Repetition    
10  Crystal touch Claire Bell, Maddison Glover  Stepsheet  Video Slow Hand by  Mike Ryan  
 Senorita la-la-la/Julia Wetzel  Stepsheet   Video Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
Bonaparte's reatreat/Madison Glover Stepsheet   Video  Bonaparte's Retreat by Glen Campbell
Dance Monkey/Alison Johnstone Stepsheet   Video  Dance Monkey by Tones and I
51  Repetition    
50  Repetition    
49  Off the beaten track  
48  Repetition    
47  Forever and ever/Benny Ray  Stepsheet  Video Forever And Ever, Amen by
Randy Travis 
46  Repetition     
45  Aflyst    
 44   Don't Look For Love - Easy/Lene Mainz Pedersen  Stepsheet  Video  Don't Look For Love"
by Jonas Winge Leisner and Szhirley
43   Repetition     
41  When You Smile/Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk Stepsheet   Video When You Smile by Rune Rudberg
40  Repetition    
 39   Aflyst    
38  Repetition    
37 Untill The Dawn/Gary Lafferty Stepsheet  Video  Marvin Gaye/Charlie Puth
36  Little wagon wheel/Gaye Teather   Stepsheet   Video Wagon Wheel/Nathan Carter
35  Sunshine & Rain/Barbara Lowe Stepsheet   Video Sunshine In The Rain by Bodies
Without Organs,
 34 Do you remember/ Alison and Peter Stepsheet    Video  September by Justin Timberlake,
Anna Kendrick and Earth, Wind & Fire 
34   Rocket To The Sun/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet    Video   What You've Done to Me/Samantha Jade 
34  Mamma Maria/ Frank Trace  Stepsheet    Video   Mamma Maria/ Ricchi E. Poveri 
 34   Sko og støvler/?  Stepsheet      Cry To Me/ Precius Wilson 
Nybeegynder  18/19
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
15 Repetition    
14  Repetition    
13  Repetition    
12  Off The Beaten Track/Gary O'Reilly Stepsheet   Video Off The Beaten Track by Derek Ryan
11 Repetition    
10  1 - 2- 3- 4 / Niels Poulsen 1-2-3 by Ann Tayler
I Saw Linda Yesterday/Derek Robinson  I Saw Linda Yesterday/Blackjack
Queen of my Hear/Birthe Tygesen Stepsheet   Video Music To My Eyes/ Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - tag efter væg 7
Graffiti Baby/Julie Snailham Stepsheet  Video Never Comin Down by Keith Urban
50  Repetition     
49  Repetition     
48  Why Did It Have To Be Me/Annette Nielsen Stepsheet
Why Did It Have to Be Me/Josh Dylan, Lily James, Hugh Skinner: Mamm
47  Repetition    
46  Repetition    
45 Thank You/Tina Argyle Stepsheet   Video Thank You/Gary Perkins & The Breeze
44  Repetition    
43 Try Everything/Lene Mainz Pedersen Stepsheet  Video   Try Everything/Home Free
41 Aflyst    
40 Repetition    
39 Aflyst    
38 Repetition    
37 Texas Time / lene Mainz Stepsheet   Video Texas Time / Keith Urban
36  Whiskey Bridges/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet  Video Whiskey Under The Bridge/
Brooks & Dunn 
35 Mamma Maria/ Frank Trace Stepsheet  Video Mamma Maria/ Ricchi E. Poveri
35 Rocket To The Sun/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet  Video What You've Done to Me/Samantha Jade
 35  Broken Heart / Leo Boomen  Stepsheet   Video My Next Broken Heart/ Brooks
& Dunn 
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