NYbegynder  17/18
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet Video Musik
17  Repetition    
16  Repetition    
15  Repetition    
14  Mama Lou/Maria Maag Stepsheet   Video Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
11  Repetition    
10  Stumbling In/Tina Argyle Stepsheet  Video Stumbling In/Paul Bailey & Kelly McCall
9 Repetition    
6 Never Tired Of It/Miels Poulsen  Stepsheet   Video  Tired of toein the line/ Rocky Burnette 
5 Repetition    
Shakin Mix  Stepsheet   Video  Hitmix/Shakin Stevens 
3 Stealing The best/Rosie Multari Stepsheet  Video Dance Above The rainbow/
Ronan hardiman
49  Lindi Shuffle/ Jane Smee  Stepsheet  Video   I Need More Of You/Bellamy Brothers 
48  Down on your uppers/Gary O'Reilly Stepsheet  Video Down On Your Uppers/ Derek Ryan
47  Repetition    
46  This & That/Gary Lafferty Stepsheet  Video Woman'/Mark Chesnutt
45  Repetition    
44  A Little Love Worth Waiting 4/ Norman Gifford Stepsheet  Video A Love Worth Waiting For/
43  repetition    
41  Repetition    
40  Good Day To Run/ Benny Ray Stepsheet  Video  A Good Day To Run/Darryl Worley 
39  Repetition    
38  Over The Moon/ Stephen & Claire Rutter  Stepsheet  Video Runaround Sue/ The Overtones 
37  Rocket To The Sun/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet  Video What You've Done to Me/Samantha Jade
36 Mamma Maria/ Frank Trace Stepsheet Video Mamma Maria/ Ricchi E. Poveri
36 Sko og støvler   Stepsheet   Cry To Me/ Precius Wilson
Begynderanse 16/17
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
16  Repetition    
14  Reåetition    
13  Repetition    
12  Woman Up - Easy
Lene Mainz Pedersen
Stepshet  Video  Woman Up
Maghan Trainor
11  Repetition    
10  Big Blue Tree
Ria Vo 
Stepsheet Video  Big Blue Tree
Michael English 
Ria Voss
Stepsheet Video Bored To Death
Eric Hutchinson
Your Heaven
Niels Poulsen
 Stepsheet  Video Take Me To Your Heaven
Charlotte Nilsson
 Stop Staring At My Eyes
Raymond Sarlemjin,
Niels Poulsen
Stepsheet  Video  Boobs/Bellamy Brothers 
 2  Let It Bay - Be
Tina Argyle
Stepsheet  Video Let It Be
Katie Stevens
 1  Repetition    
50  Come dance with me
Jo Thompson Szymanski
Stepsheet  Video Come dance with me
Nancy Hays
49  Repetition    
48    Mama Loo
Maria Maag
Stepsheet  Video    Mama Loo/ Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
47  Repetition     
46  Tripple Mix
Lorna Mursell 
Stepsheet  Video   Country Medley
Nathan Carter
45  Repetition     
44  Move Slowly
Michelle Risley
Stepsheet  Video  Nobody's Home
Clint Black
43  Repetition    
42  Efterårsferie    
41  Easy Love
Karolyna Caceres Lopez
Stepsheet  Video Easy Love
De Sigala
40 Repetition    
39  Hippie
Guylaine Bourdages
Stepsheet  Video  Old Hippie
Bellamy Brothers
38  Repetition    
37  Lipstick, Powder And Paint
Claire Rutter
Stepsheet Video   Lipstick, Powdwr And Paint
Shakin' Stevens
 36 Dancing On The Ceiling
Debbie hogg
Stepsheet  Video  Dancing On The Ceiling/ Lionel Ritchie 
 36  Stings Like AB
Allison & Peter 
 Stepsheet  Video   Where Did Our Love Go

NYbegynder  2016  (½ sæson)
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
16   Repetition    
 Mamma Maria
 Frank Trace 
 Stepsheet  Video  Manna Maria
 Ricchi E Poweri
 We'll be Allright 
 Susanne Mose
Stepsheet  Video    Manna Maria
  Ricchi E Poweri
11   Repetition    
10   Louisiana
 Connie Nielsen
Stepsheet  Video  Louisiana
 The Woolpackers
 Stealing The Best
 Rosie Multari 
 Stepsheet Video  Dance Above The Rainbow
 Ronan Hardiman
 Little Wagon Wheel
 Gaye Teather 
Stepsheet  Video  Wagon Wheel
 Nathan Carter
6  Lindi Shuffle
 Jane Smee
Stepsheet  Video  I Need More Of You
 Bellamy Brothers
5  Sko og støvler       Stepsheet               
  Sko og Støvler
4   Achy Breaky Heart
 Juliet Lam
Stepsheet  Video
 Achy Breaky Heart
 Billy Ray Cyrus
4  Please Yourself/ Dee Musk,
 Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis
 Stepsheet  Video    Garden Party
 John Fogerty
Begynder-danse 15/16 
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
16   Repetition    
 Don't Fit In
 Jannie Tofte Andersen
 Stepsheet  Video  Everybody's Got Somebody
 But me
 Hunter Hayes ft. Jason Mraz
14   Repetition    
11   Come Dance With Me
 Jo Thompson Szymanski
  Stepsheet  Video  Come Dance With Me
 Nancy Hays
10   Everything to US
 Roy Verdonk, Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet Video  Everything to me
 Shane Filen
 Stealing The Best
 Rosie Multari 
   Stepsheet Video  Dance Above The Rainbow
 Ronan Hardiman
5  Mama Loo
 Maria Maag
  Stepsheet  Video  Mama Loo
 Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
 The Bomp
 Kim Ray
  Stepsheet Video   Who Put The Bomp
 The Overtones 
 Something In The Water
 Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet  Video  Something In The Water
 Brooke Fraser 
51   Repetition    
50   We Only Live Once - Easy
 Lene Mainz Pedersen
  Stepsheet  Video  We Only Live Once
 Shannon Noll
49   Repetition    
48   Untill The Dawn
 Gary Lafferty
  Stepsheet  Video  Marvin Gaye
 Charlie Puth
46   Your Place Or Mine - Easy
 Inge Vestergård
 Stepsheet  Video     Bedroom
 Alvaro Estrella
45   Repetition    
44   TennesseeWaltz Surprise
 Andy Chumbley
 Stepsheet  Video  Tennessee Waltz Surprise
 Ireen Sheer
43    Ticket To The Blues!
 Niels Poulsen
 Stepsheet Video  One way ticket
41   Repetition    
40   We'll Be Alright
 Susanne Mose
 Stepsheet Video  Were Gonna Be Allright
 Mike Denver
39   Den Allersidste Dans
 Annette Dida Nielsen
 Stepsheet  Video  Den allersidste dans
 Kim Larsen
38   Repetition    
37   Little Red Book
 Dee Musk
  Stepsheet  Video  You’re More Than A Number
 In ........./ The Drifters
36   Repetition    
35   Please Yourself/ Dee Musk,
 Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis
   Stepsheet Video  Garden Party
 John Fogerty
34  The Galway Gathering
 Maggie Gallagher
   Stepsheet  Video  Games People Play
 Nathan Carter
34  Rocket to the Sun
 Maddison Glover
   Stepsheet  Video  What You've Done to Me
 Samantha Jade
34  Mamma Maria
 Frank Trace
   Stepsheet  Video  Mamma Maria
 Ricchi E Poveri

Begynder-danse 14/15
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
12    We Only Live Once - Easy
 Lene Mainz Pedersen
 Stepsheet Video  We Only Live Once
 Shannon Noll
10    Queen Of My Heart
  Birthe Tygesen
 Stepsheet  Video   Queen Of My Heart
 Our Guy!
 Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen
 Stepsheet  Video  Somebody Else's Guy
 Jocelyn Brown
 Piano Man
 Robbie McGowan Hickie,
 Tony Vassell
 Stepsheet   Video   Shake Your Boogie and Roll
  Pete Stothard
 Sugar Sugar
 Elisa Lau
 Stepsheet   Sugar Sugar
 The Archies
 Fall In Love
 Patricia E. Stott
 Stepsheet  Video  Never Gonna Fall In Love/
 Tim Redmon
 49   Repetition    
 48    Such A Fool
 Niels Poulsen
 Stepsheet Video  A Fool Such As I
Jason Donovan
47   K-I-S-S
 Benny Ray
 Stepsheet  Video  K-I-S-S
 Rockabilly Heart
46   Repetition    
45   Back Again
 Maria Maag
  Stepsheet Video  Leaving on a Jetplane
 Die Blumenkinder 
44   Repetition    
43   Caught In The Moonlight
 Rachael McEnaney
 Stepsheet  Video  Caught In The Moonlight
Si Cranstoun
41   Repetition    
40   Little Wagon Wheel 
 Gaye Teather 
 Stepsheet  Video  Wagon Wheel
 Nathan Carter
39   All About A Woman
 Maggie Gallagher 
 Stepsheet   Video  Don't Ask Me About A Woman/
Easton Corbin
38   Repetition    
37  Ah Si!   Stepsheet Video  Levantando Las Manos
 El Simbolo
 Stealing The Best
 Rosie Multari 
  Stepsheet   Video
 Dance Above The Rainbow
 Ronan Hardiman
 Sko og støvler
 Sko og Støvler
 Honky Tonk Town
 Margaret Ewift
  Stepsheet   Video
 Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town
 Heather Myles

Begynderdanse 13/14
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
 Hey Now
 Christine Stewart
 Stepsheet   Video        Aiko Aiko
 Kurt Darren
 Disturb Me
 Anja Brinch
 Stepsheet   Video   Wake me Up
 Come Dance With Me
 Jo Thompson Szymanski
  Stepsheet   Video     Come Dance With Me
  Nancy Hays
7  Repetition    
6  TennesseeWaltz Surprise 
 Andy Chumbley
  Stepsheet   Video    Tennessee Waltz Surprise
 Ireen Sheer
5  Repetition    
4   Hurting heart
 Niels Poulsen & 
 Anna Korsgaard
  Stepsheet   Video  You Got Away
 Ann taylor
3  K-I-S-S
 Benny Ray
  Stepsheet  Video  K-I-S-S
 Rockabilly Heart
2  Repetition    
51  Repetition    
50  Feel Like A Man
 Benny Ray
  Stepsheet   Video  Feel Like A Man
48  Forever And Ever
 Benny Ray
  Stepsheet   Video  Forever And Ever, Amen
 Randy Travis
47  Repetition    
46  Mama Loo  
 Maria Maag
  Stepsheet   Video  Mama Loo  Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
45  Hurry Up, Slow Down
 Séverine Fillion
  Stepsheet   Video  Hurry Up, Slow Down  
 Don Derby
43  Repetition    
41  Just A Little Love
 Maggie Gallagher 
  Stepsheet   Video  Just A Little Love
 Derek Ryan
40  Sweet Maureen
 Rafel Corbi
  Stepsheet   Video  Sweet Maureen
39  Repetition    
38  Summer Celebration
 Ira Weisburd
  Stepsheet   Video  Celebrate Da Summertime
37  Honey I Lied
 Susanne Mose Nielsen
  Stepsheet   Video  Believe Me Baby I Lied
 Nadine Sommers
36  Repetition    
35   Honey Pie
 Maggie Callagher
  Stepsheet   Video  I Can't Hep Myself(Sugar Pie,
Honey Pie)/  Jesic Mauboy
34   Mamma Maria
 Frank Trace
  Stepsheet   Video   Manna Maria
 Ricchi E Poweri
 34  Skinny Genes
 Patt and Lizzie Stott
  Stepsheet   Video  Skinny Geenes
 Eliza Doolittle

Begynderdanse 12/13
Uge Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 15  Cabo San Lucas   Rep Ghazali   Cabo San Lucas  Toby Keith
 14  Stay Stay Stay  Niels Poulsen  Stay Stay Stay   Taylor Swift
 11  T'morrow Never Knows   Maggie Gallagher   Tomorrow never Knows  Bruce Springsteen
  9  Under The Sun    Cathy Chang and
 Sue Hsu
  Under The Sun   Tim Tim
  7  Rita's waltz   Jo Thomson   He'll have to go  The deans
  6  Feel Like A Man  Benny Ray  Feel Lik A Man  PeTe
  4  Write Your Number  Michelle Risley  Write My Number on Your Hand  Scotty McCreery
  3  Shattered Dreams  Karl-Harry Winson  When You Say My Name  The Overtones
  46  Hey Boy  Thomas Malmgren  Hey Boy  Torgny Melins
  45  Stick Like Glue  Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen  Stuck On You  Elvis Presley
  44  Human Spirit   Birthe Tygesen  Human Spirit  Amy MacDonald
  41  1st Class  Karl-Harry Winson  Return to Sender  Helmut Lotti
  40  Native American  David Cheshire  Native American  Bellamy Brothers
  39  Whatcha Reckon  Sue Smyth   Whatcha Reckon   Josh Turner 
  37  No Roses  Thomas C Tam  Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes   Paulina Rubio
  36  All Good  Kate Sala  ‘It’s All Good’  Joe Nichols
  35  A Little Higher  Peter & Alison  Higher  Taio Cruz
  34  Gold Digger  Rachael McEnaney  Gold Digger  Jody Booth
  33   Pick a bale  Unknown  Pick a bale  John Littleton
  33   New flame  Gail Smith  New Flame  Dr. Victor
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