Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Dans -Video Musik
 Dance Before You Leave Me  Maggie Gallagher  Video   Leave Before You Love Me by Marshmello & Jonas Brothers
 Dance Monkey Alison Johnstone  Video ance Monkey by Tones and I
Dance With Dee  Antoinette Seiler  Video   Dance With Me by Niko Moon
 Dance With Me Tonight Peter & Alison  Dance With Me Tonight Dance With Me Tonight/Olly Murs
Dance Without A Partner Niels Poulsen  Video  
 Dancing On The Ceiling  Debbie hogg  Dancing On The ceiling   Dancing On The Ceiling8 Lionel Ritchie
 Darlin',Dance Monkey who's darlin'   Anna Korsgaard  
Who Did You Call Darlin' /Heather Myles
 Danza Kuduro  Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane & Andres Torti  Danza Kuduro  Danza Kuduro/Don Omar ft Lucenzo
 Dancing Tonight  Robbie McGowan Hicki  Dancing Tonight  Dancing Tonight/Kat DeLun
 Den Allersidste Dans  Annette Dida Nielsen  Den allersidste dans   Kim larsen
 Diamond Dixie  Susanne Mose Nielsen    No more/Ann Tayler
 Disturb Me  Anja brinch  Wake me Up  Avicii
 Devotion  Maggie Gallagher  Devotion  Devotion/Sanna Nielsen
 Digital Age   Daniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk   Digital Age   Digfital Age
Phreefall ft. Flemming
Diggin'  Amy Glass  Diggin'  Diggin'/ Kovacs
 Disappearing Tail Lights   Alison & Peter  Disappearing Tail Lights  Disappearing Tail Lights/Gord Bamford
 Dive  Julia Wetzel     Dive/Ed Sheeran
 Do It All Again  Niels Poulsen  Video  Again by BEXAR
Do It With Style Maryse Gagnon & Stéphane Beauchamp Video Style - Danger Twins
Do you remember Alison and Peter Do you remember September by Justin Timberlake,
Anna Kendrick and Earth, Wind & Fire
 Do Wop De Doo De Doo  Day Teather  Do Wop de Doo De Doo  'Shang-A-Lang'/Bay City Rollers
 Doin’ Alrite  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris   Doin'  Alright I’m Doing Alright/ Jacob Lyda
 Domino  Rachael McEnaney  “Domino”  Domino/Jessie J
 Don't Disturb Me Niels Poulsen  Don't Disturb Me  Wake Me Up/Avici
 Don't Look For Love - Easy  Lene Mainz Pedersen  Video Don't Look For Love" by Jonas Winge Leisner and Szhirley
 Don't Say Goodbye  Alison biggs & Peter Metelnick  Don't Say Goodbye Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ Overtones
Down In The Islands Gail Smith Down In The slands Island Song/ Zac Brown Band.
Down To The River  Klara Wallman   Down To The River Going Down To The River/ 
 Doug Seegers
Down on your uppers Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers Down On Your Uppers/ Derek Ryan
 Dreamboat  Robbie McGowan Hickie     I see a boat on the river/Boney M
 Dream Lover  Daniel Whittaker  Dream Lover  Jason Donavan
 Drink Drank Drunk  Rachael McEnaney-White  Video  Drink, Drank, Drunk by Adam Sanders
 Drip Droppin  Kate Sala   Start without you /Alexandra Burke
 Drunken Dreams   Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen  Drunken Dreams   Whiskey dreaming/ Morgan Myles
Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 East To West  Larry Hayden  Coast To Coast  Modern Talking
 Empty Space  Maria Maag  Empty Space  Think Of You/Chris Bryan 
 Eternal Secret  Ria Vos  Eternal Secret  The Secret/David nail
 Easy My Troubles  Debbie Ellis  Have i told you lately  Rod Stewart
 Equal Love  Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward  Equal Love  Not too late/Rickie-Lee
 Everybody Swing  Niels Poulsen   It's chitlin' time  Dancelife
 Everything I Do  Rachel McEnaney  Everything i do  Bryan Adams
 Everything I have  Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher   Video  Better Man by Westlife 
 Everything to Us  Roy Verdonk, Niels Poulsen  Everything to Us  Everything to me/Shane Filan
Everywhere The Highlander  Video  Everywhere (BBC Children In Need) - Niall Horan & Anne-Marie
 Eyes For You   Jo Thompson Szymanski  Eyes For You  Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But
You/ Ronnie Milsap
 Extreme Love  Niels Poulsen  Extreme Love   Like I'm gonna lose you/ 
 Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend
Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 Fall In Love
  Patricia E. Stott  Fall In Love  Never Gonna Fall In Love/ Tim Redmon
 Feeling Good AB   Lene Mainz Pedersen  Video Feeling Good by Ofenbach (Ft. Alexandre Joseph)
 Feeling Kinda Lonely  Margaret Swift (UK)  Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight’  The Dean Brothers
 Feel Like A Man  Benny Ray  Feel Like A Man  PeTe
 First Waltz  Dee Musk  Captured  Rick Tippe
 Float Ya' Boat  Ria Vos  Video  I Was On A Boat That Day by Old Dominion
 For The Longest Time  Roosamekto Mamek  Video  The Longest Time by The Overtones
 Forever And Ever  Benny Ray  Forever And Ever Amen  Randy Travis
 Forever & For Always  Julie Allen   Forever & For Always  Shania Twain
 Freedom  Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn  Freedom  Racoon
Dans Koreograf Dans - Video Musik/Kunstner
 Galway girls  Chris Hodgson  Galway girl  Sharon Shannon
 Gambling Man  Maggie Gallagher  Gambling Man  The Overtones
 Gaslighter  Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley   Video  Gaslighter" by The Dixie Chicks
 Get It Right Maiddison Glover  Get It Right   Hard Not to Love It/Steve Moalker
 Get Wild   Maddison Glover and Jo Thompson Szymanski  Video  Wild – LOLO
 Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyadi  Baby likes to rock it  The Tractors
 Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls  Maria Maag    Girls/ Marcus & Martinus (feat. Madcon)
 Girl Power  Simon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Girl Power  Woman's World/Cher
 Globetrottin' Daniel Trepat, Simon Ward,
Fred Whitehouse
 Globetrottin'  Off To See The World/Lukas Graham
 Glory Glory  Dwight Meessen & Alison Johnstone  Sun Is Shining by Lost Frequencies
 Good Day To Run  Benny  Ray  A Good Day To Run  Darryl Worley 
 Goodbye For Now   José Miguel Belloque Vane,  Goodbye For Now Goodbye For Now/ Juanes
 Going back west  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Going back west  Boney M.
Gone West Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Gone West Gone West by Gone West
 Got My Baby Back  Maggie Gallagher  I Got My Baby Back  Derek Ryan
Graffiti Baby  Julie Snailham  Graffiti Baby  Never Comin Down by Keith Urban
 Green Door  Pat Stott  Green Door  The Deans 
 Gypsy Queen  Hazel Pace  Gypsy Queen   Gypsy Queen/Chris Norman 
Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Dans - video Musik
Habibi  Gary O’Reilly  Habibi  Habibi by Dolly Style 
 Half Past Nothin  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Half Past Notthin  Knock, Knock/Jack Savoretti
 Half past tipsy  /Maddison Glover  Video  1, 2 Many by
Luke Combs and Brooks & Dunn 
 Hard work   James Ford   Two of a kind workin/Garth Brooks
 Havana Cha  Ria Vos  Havana Cha  Havana/Camila Cabello
 Have Fun Go Mad  Scott Blevins  Have Fun Go mad  Have Fun Go Mad/ Blair
 Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Dee Musk  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Rod Stewart
 Hallelujah  Niels Poulsen     Hallelujah/Lee Dewyze
 Heart Of An Angel  Willie brown  Heart Of An Angel  Heart Of An Angel/Modern Talking
 Heartbreaker  Kate Sala  Heartbreaker  Hearthbreaker/Blue Lagoon 
 Heavenly Cha  Dee Musk  Heavenly Cha  What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven
 Brandy Clark
Here We Go  Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher  Video  Here I Go by Wildflowers feat Jason Dering
 Hey Boy  Thomas Malmgren  Hey Boy  Hey Boy/Torgny Melins
 Hey Now  Christine Stewart  Aiko Aiko  Kurt Darren
Hey now  Gary O’Reilly  Video  Hey Now by Ira Losco
 Hello Dolly  Lorraine Kurtela  Hello Dolly  Hello Dolly/Bobby Darin
 High Cotton  Niels Poulsen  High Cotton  High Cotton/Alabama
 Higher & higher  Max Perry   Higher & higher/ Michael McDonald
 Hi-A-Ma Cha  Rachael McEnane  Hi-A-Ma-Cha  Hi-A-M/Milk &Sugar
 Hippie Guylaine Bourdages  Hippie Old Hippie/Bellamy Brothers
 His Only Need  Ria Vos  His Only Need  She Is His Only Need/Wynonna Judd
 Holding Hands Together  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Alison Johnstone   Video  Kissing In The Back Row Of The Movies by The Drifters
 Holiday Time  Niels Poulsen  Holiday Time  Recreation Land by Tristan Horncastle
 Home to Donegal  Heather Barton, Niels Poulsen   Video   Home to Donegal by Nathan Carter.
 Homeward Bound  Take me home    Take me home/Tol & Tol
 Honey I Lied  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Honey I Lied  Believe Me Baby/Nadine Sommers
 Honky Tonk Town  Margaret Swift  Honky Tonk Town  Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town/
Heather Myles
 Honky Tonk Stomp  Phyllis Watson  Honky Tonk Stomp   Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk/Dean Dillon
 Hugs and kisses  Karl-Harry Winson   Video   That'll Be The Day by Linda Ronstad 
 Human Spirit  Birthe Tygesen  Human Spirit  Human Spirit/Amy MacDonald
 Hungry Heart   Dee Musk   Hungry Heart Hungry Heart/Bruce Springsteen
 Hurting Heart  Niels Poulsen & Anna Korsgaard  You Got Away  Ann Taylor
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