Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Dans -Video Musik
 Dance With Me Tonight Peter & Alison  Dance With Me Tonight Dance With Me Tonight/Olly Murs
 Dancing On The Ceiling  Debbie hogg  Dancing On The ceiling   Dancing On The Ceiling8 Lionel Ritchie
 Darlin', who's darlin'   Anna Korsgaard  
Who Did You Call Darlin' /Heather Myles
 Danza Kuduro  Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane & Andres Torti  Danza Kuduro  Danza Kuduro/Don Omar ft Lucenzo
 Dancing Tonight  Robbie McGowan Hicki  Dancing Tonight  Dancing Tonight/Kat DeLun
 Den Allersidste Dans  Annette Dida Nielsen  Den allersidste dans   Kim larsen
 Diamond Dixie  Susanne Mose Nielsen    No more/Ann Tayler
 Disturb Me  Anja brinch  Wake me Up  Avicii
 Devotion  Maggie Gallagher  Devotion  Devotion/Sanna Nielsen
 Digital Age   Daniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk   Digital Age   Digfital Age
Phreefall ft. Flemming
 Disappearing Tail Lights   Alison & Peter  Disappearing Tail Lights  Disappearing Tail Lights/Gord Bamford
 Dive  Julia Wetzel     Dive/Ed Sheeran
 Do Wop De Doo De Doo  Day Teather  Do Wop de Doo De Doo  'Shang-A-Lang'/Bay City Rollers
 Doin’ Alrite  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris   Doin'  Alright I’m Doing Alright/ Jacob Lyda
 Domino  Rachael McEnaney  “Domino”  Domino/Jessie J
 Don't Disturb Me Niels Poulsen  Don't Disturb Me  Wake Me Up/Avici
 Don't Say Goodbye  Alison biggs & Peter Metelnick  Don't Say Goodbye Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ Overtones
Down In The Islands Gail Smith Down In The slands Island Song/ Zac Brown Band.
Down To The River  Klara Wallman   Down To The River Going Down To The River/ 
 Doug Seegers
Down on your uppers Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers Down On Your Uppers/ Derek Ryan
 Dreamboat  Robbie McGowan Hickie     I see a boat on the river/Boney M
 Dream Lover  Daniel Whittaker  Dream Lover  Jason Donavan
 Drip Droppin  Kate Sala   Start without you /Alexandra Burke
 Drunken Dreams   Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen  Drunken Dreams   Whiskey dreaming/ Morgan Myles
Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 East To West  Larry Hayden  Coast To Coast  Modern Talking
 Empty Space  Maria Maag  Empty Space  Think Of You/Chris Bryan 
 Eternal Secret  Ria Vos  Eternal Secret  The Secret/David nail
 Easy My Troubles  Debbie Ellis  Have i told you lately  Rod Stewart
 Equal Love  Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward  Equal Love  Not too late/Rickie-Lee
 Everybody Swing  Niels Poulsen   It's chitlin' time  Dancelife
 Everything I Do  Rachel McEnaney  Everything i do  Bryan Adams
 Everything to Us  Roy Verdonk, Niels Poulsen  Everything to Us  Everything to me/Shane Filan
 Eyes For You   Jo Thompson Szymanski  Eyes For You  Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But
You/ Ronnie Milsap
 Extreme Love  Niels Poulsen  Extreme Love   Like I'm gonna lose you/ 
 Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend
Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 Fall In Love
  Patricia E. Stott  Fall In Love  Never Gonna Fall In Love/ Tim Redmon
 Feeling Kinda Lonely  Margaret Swift (UK)  Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight’  The Dean Brothers
 Feel Like A Man  Benny Ray  Feel Like A Man  PeTe
 First Waltz  Dee Musk  Captured  Rick Tippe
 Forever And Ever  Benny Ray  Forever And Ever Amen  Randy Travis
 Forever & For Always  Julie Allen   Forever & For Always  Shania Twain
 Freedom  Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn  Freedom  Racoon
Dans Koreograf Dans - Video Musik/Kunstner
 Galway girls  Chris Hodgson  Galway girl  Sharon Shannon
 Gambling Man  Maggie Gallagher  Gambling Man  The Overtones
 Get It Right Middison Glover  Get It Right   Hard Not to Love It/Steve Moalker
 Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyadi  Baby likes to rock it  The Tractors
 Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls  Maria Maag    Girls/ Marcus & Martinus (feat. Madcon)
 Girl Power  Simon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Girl Power  Woman's World/Cher
 Good Day To Run  Benny Ray  A Good Day To Run  Darryl Worley 
 Goodbye For Now   José Miguel Belloque Vane,  Goodbye For Now Goodbye For Now/ Juanes
 Going back west  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Going back west  Boney M.
 Got My Baby Back  Maggie Gallagher  I Got My Baby Back  Derek Ryan
 Green Door  Pat Stott  Green Door  The Deans 
 Gypsy Queen  Hazel Pace  Gypsy Queen   Gypsy Queen/Chris Norman 
Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Dans - video Musik
 Half Past Nothin  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Half Past Notthin  Knock, Knock/Jack Savoretti
 Hard work   James Ford   Two of a kind workin/Garth Brooks
 Havana Cha  Ria Vos  Havana Cha  Havana/Camila Cabello
 Have Fun Go Mad  Scott Blevins  Have Fun Go mad  Have Fun Go Mad/ Blair
 Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Dee Musk  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Rod Stewart
 Hallelujah  Niels Poulsen     Hallelujah/Lee Dewyze
 Heart Of An Angel  Willie brown  Heart Of An Angel  Heart Of An Angel/Modern Talking
 Heartbreaker  Kate Sala  Heartbreaker  Hearthbreaker/Blue Lagoon 
 Heavenly Cha  Dee Musk  Heavenly Cha  What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven
 Brandy Clark
 Hey Boy  Thomas Malmgren  Hey Boy  Hey Boy/Torgny Melins
 Hey Now  Christine Stewart  Aiko Aiko  Kurt Darren
 Hello Dolly  Lorraine Kurtela  Hello Dolly  Hello Dolly/Bobby Darin
 High Cotton  Niels Poulsen  High Cotton  High Cotton/Alabama
 Higher & higher  Max Perry   Higher & higher/ Michael McDonald
 Hi-A-Ma Cha  Rachael McEnane  Hi-A-Ma-Cha  Hi-A-M/Milk &Sugar
 Hippie Guylaine Bourdages  Hippie Old Hippie/Bellamy Brothers
 His Only Need  Ria Vos  His Only Need  She Is His Only Need/Wynonna Judd
 Homeward Bound  Take me home    Take me home/Tol & Tol
 Honey I Lied  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Honey I Lied  Believe Me Baby/Nadine Sommers
 Honky Tonk Town  Margaret Swift  Honky Tonk Town  Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town/
Heather Myles
 Honky Tonk Stomp  Phyllis Watson  Honky Tonk Stomp   Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk/Dean Dillon
 Human Spirit  Birthe Tygesen  Human Spirit  Human Spirit/Amy MacDonald
 Hungry Heart   Dee Musk   Hungry Heart Hungry Heart/Bruce Springsteen
 Hurting Heart  Niels Poulsen & Anna Korsgaard  You Got Away  Ann Taylor
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