Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Musik - video Musik
I Believe Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham  I Believe  You Say by Lauren Daigle
  I Close My Eyes  Hazel Pace  I Close My Eyes  Ich mach meine Augen zu/ Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo 
 I Saw Linda Yesterday  Derek Robinson  I Saw Linda Yesterday  I Saw Linda Yesterday/Blackjack
 I Hope You Find It!  Niels Poulsen  I Hope You Find It  I Hope You Find It/Cher
 I Love A Rainy Night  Iris M Mooney  I Love A Rainey Night  I Love A Rainey Night/Eddie Rabbit
 I´ll be there   Fred McMall  I`ll Be There   i'll Be There/John Fogerty 
 I've  Been Waiting For You  Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot   I've Been Waiting For You  I’ve Been Waiting For You by Amanda Seyfried
  In A Moment Like This  Ellen Michelsen    In a moment like this/Chanee og N'evergreen
 Inspiration  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Inspiration  Heaven In My Woman's Eyes/Tracy
 Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot  Irish stew  Irish Stew/Sham Rock 
 I run to you  Rachel McEnaney  I run to you  I Run To You/ Lady Antebellum
I won't let You Down  Scott Blevins & Debbie Rushton  I won't let You Down  I Won't Let You Down/ Erin McCarley
 Imagine All The people  Birthe Tygesen   Imagine All The People    Imagine/John Lenon
 Into The Dark Night  Vikki Morris  Video  Runnin' Wild by Midland
 Islands In The Stream  Karen Jones  Islands In The Stream  Islands In The Stream/Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton 
 Is It Friday Yet  Diana Dawson  Is It Friday Yet  Gord Bamford
 It happens  Maryloo  It happens  It Happens/Sugarland
 Italiano  Rachael McEnaney-White,
ShaneMcKeever,Niels Poulsen
 Italiano  Mamma Mia
 Elena, ft. Glance
 It's Up To You  Kim Ray  It's Up To You  It's Up To You/ Barbra Streisand
 I've got a feelin' for you  Marie Sørensen  I've Got A Feelin' For You  I've Got A Feelin/ Joni Harms
 Ivory Towers  Ria Vos  Predictable  Michelle lawson
Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Musik - video Musik
 Jamaican Love  Ria Vos  Jamaican Love  jamaican Love/Whitesand feat. AMB
 Jealousy  Karl-Harry Winson    Jealousy (Moto Blanco Radio Mix)/ Will Young
 Jerusalema  Colin Ghys, Alison Johnstone. Nuline, The Zezuru Shona People Video  Jerusalema from Master KG
Jessie   Rachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward  Jessie  Jessie/Joshua Kadison
 Jig about   MaggieGallagher  Jig About  DublinCastleJig/Spirit of the Dance
 Journey to the stars  Peter Metelnick and Alison Bigg  Journey To The Starsi  Maria Maria/Mark Medloc
 Just A Phase  Fred Whitehouse & Maddison Glover  Video  ust A Phase by Adam Craig
 Just A Little Love  Maggie Gallagher  Just A Little Love  Just A Little Love/Derek Ryan
 Just Be  Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse  Just Be  Just Be/Paloma Faith
 Just Fly  Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, Jo Thompson Szymanski  Video   Just Fly by Max Barskih
 Just For Grins  Jo Thompson  Just For Grins  Billy B bad/George Jones
Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Dans -video Kunstner
 Keep It Simple  Maggie Gallagher  Video Keep It Simple by James Baker Band
Keep It Simple Karl-Harry Winson 
Dwight Meessen
 Video Keep It Simple by James Baker Band
 Kill The Spiders
 Gaye Teather  Kill The Spiders  You Need A Man Around Here/ Brad Paisley
 K-I-S-S  Benny Ray  K-I-S-S  K-I-S-S/Rockabilly Heart
 Kiss Of heaven Niels Poulsen Kiss Of heaven  Nos fuimos lejos by Enrique Iglesias & Descemer Bueno feat. El Micha
Daniel Trepat Video Kitchen Dance Floor by Avalon Kal
 Knee deep  Alison & Peter   Knee deep/Zac Brown Band
Dans - stepsheet Koreograf Musik - Video Musik
 La Gina  Marie Sørensen   Stand By Me   Stand By Me /Prince Royce 
 La Luna  Peter & Alison  Stand by me   Stand By Me /Prince Royce 
 Land of Dreams  Chris Hodgson  Land of Dreams  Land of Dreams/Rosanne Cash
 Language of The Heart  Ria Vos  Language Of The Heart  Worth It/ Francesca Battistelli
 Larger Than Life Simon Ward  Larger Than Life Larger Than Life/ Backstreet Boys
 Lay Low  Darren Bailey  Lay Low  Lay Low/Josh Turner
 Leave You Alone  Joey  Warren
 Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
 Leave You Alone  Kris Allen
 Leaving of Liverpool  Maggie Gallagher   Video  The Leaving of Liverpool’/Shamrock
 Legend   Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson  Video  
 Let It Bay - Be Tina Argyle  Let It Bay - Be   Let It Be/Katie Stevens
 Let It Swing  Jamie Barnfield  Let It Swing Let It Swing/Bobbysocks
 Let's Chill   Vikki Morris   Let's Chill  The Lazy Song/ Bruno Mars
 Lidt I Fem  Annelise Jørgensen  Lidt I Fem  Rasmus Seebach
 Life Is A lesson  Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse   Video  
 Light On  Debbie McLaughlin   Light On  Light On/Rebecca Ferguson
 Lil mamma Scott Blevens & jo Thompson Szymanski  Lil Mamma  Lil mamma/ Jain
 Linedancebølgen  Gitte Halskou og Niels Poulsen    Linedancebølgen/Kandis
 Lindi shuffle   Jane Smee  Lindi shuffle    I Need More Of You/Bellamy Brothers
 Little Broken Heels  Audrey Watson  Broken Heels  Alexandra Burke
 Little Liza Jane
 Niels Poulsen  Little Liza Jane  Liza Jane/ Vince Gill
Lipstick, Powder and Paint  Claire Rutter   Lipstick, Powder And Paint   Lipstick, Powdwr And Paint
Shakin' Stevens
 Little Wagon Wheel   Gaye Teather   Wagon Wheel  Nathan Carter
 Live. Laugh, Love  Rob Fowler   Live, laugh love  Clay Walker 
 Living To Love You  Maria Maag  Living To Love You  Sarah Connor
 London Rhythm Swings  Audri R  London Rhythm  The Jive Aces
 Lonely Drum   Darren Mitchell  Lonely Drum Aaron Goodwin 
Lonely Drum EZ Lindy Bower  Lonely Drum EZ  Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin 
 Lonely Lovers  Maddison Glover  Lonely Lovers  onely Women Make Good Lovers
by Steve Wariner 
 Looking Out For Angels  Niels Poulsen  Looking Out For Angels  Teacher/George Michael 
 Lord I Hope  Charlotte Irmgarth Hansen  Lord I Hope  Lord I Hope This Day Is Good/Don William´s
 Loslappie  Val Cronin  Loslappie   Loslappie On Se Net Ja/Kurt Darren
 Lost In Love  Simon Ward , Maddison Glover   Lost In Love  Already Gone/ Mitchell Lee
Lots Of Love  Gary O'Reilly. Maggie Gallagher Lots Of Love  Then It's Love/Michael English
 Louisiana  Connie Nielsen  Louisiana  The Woolpackers
 Louisiana swing   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  Home To Louisiana  Ann tayler
 Love 2 Dance  Simon Ward/Niels Poulsen  Rain over me  Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony
 Love Flow  Niels Poulsen  Love Flow  Let your love flow/The Bellamy Brothers
 Love Is Easy  Maria Maag  Love Is Easy  Love is Easy/McFly
 Love Letter Waltz  Frank Trace  Love Letters  Bonnie Raitt &Elton John
 Love You In A Barrel!  Niels Poulsen  Love You In A Barrel  The Lennerockers
Dans - stepsheet  Koreograf Musik -Video Kunstner
 Made In The USA  Guyton Mundy  Made In The USA  Demi Lovato
 Makita  Kate Sala & Robbie McG. Hickie  Makita  Just One Time/Jamie O’Neal
 Makin' Waves  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Pontoon  Little Big Town
 Mambosa  Ria Vos  Wie Se Kind Is Jy  Dr. Victor
  Mama Lou  Maria Maag  Mama Lou   Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
 Mamma AfrikaMama Lou  Gerard Murphy  ‘Two In One’  Mamma Africa
 Mamma Maria  Frank Trace  Mamma Maria  Ricchi E. Poveri
 Maybe I Could  Robbie McGowan Hickie  I Might  Shakin' Stevens
 McMove  Linda McCormack & rachel McEnaney  Move  Little Mix
 Me U And The Music  Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse  Me U And The Music    Lemar
 Midnight mix  Sandra Speck   Midnight mix  Paul Bailey 
 Mind over Matter  Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen   Mind over Matter  Coming back/Dean Ray
 Mini mariana  Jan Welsh  Mariana Mambo  Chayanne
 Missing  Heather Barton  Missing  Missing/William Michael Morgan
 Mood Swing  Simon Ward , Maddison Glover   Mood Swing  I’d Be Jealous Too,/ Dustin Lynch
 Mony Mony  Maggie Gallagher  Mony Mony   Band Of Gold
 Morning Glory  Simon Ward  Dance In The Mirror  Bruno Mars
 Move a like  Ria Vos   Moves Like Jagge  Maroon 
 Move Slowly
Michelle Risley  Move Slowly Nobody's Home/Clint Black
 Moves  Simon Ward, Shane McKeever   Video   Moves, By Hot Shade, Mike Perry & Mika Zibanejad
 Mr. Know It All  Dee Musk  Mr. Know It All  Kelly Clarkson
 Mr Wonderful  Craig Bennet  Mr Wonderful  Allstar Weekend
 Music To My Eyes  Derek Steele& Simon Ward Music To My Eyes  Music To My Eyes/ Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 
 My Bestie  Colin Ghys ,José Miguel Belloque Vane   Video  Iko Iko (feat. Small Jam) - Justin Wellington
My heart is yours My heart is yours Video You Got Me - Colbie Caillat
My Middle Name
Niels Poulsen, Willi Brown My Middle Name  Trouble/Monnshine Man
 My Olivia  Marianne & Michael Odgaard  Olivia  Rasmus Seebach
My Pretty Belinda  Vikki Morris  Pretty Belinda  Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
 My Way
 Craig Benneth   Get In My Way  Robin Thicke 
 My lady soul  Karl-Harry Winson  Lady soul  The Temptations
My little old lover  Mona Leth  Video  Hey Old Lover by Kip Moore
 Mysterious Girl  Niville Fitzgerrald  Mysterious Girl  Peter Andre
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