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Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
16  Repetition    
15  Repetition    
14  Repetition    
12  Lil Mama/ Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski  Stepsheet   Video Lill Mama/ Jain
11  Generalforsamling    
Paris In The Rain/ Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Stepsheet  Video Paris In The Rain/Lauv
Never Tired Of It/Miels Poulsen  Stepsheet  Tired of toein the line/ Rocky Burnette
Those Russians/ Niels Poulsen  Stepsheet  Video  
1 Tell The Truth/Niels Poulsen, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray Stepsheet  Video Please don't Lie/Hugo Helmig
49  Repetition    
48  Repetition    
47 Looking Out For Angels/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video  Teacher/George Michael 
46  Repetition    
45  Eyes For You/Jo Thompson Szymanski Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But
You/ Ronnie Milsap
44  Repetition    
43  Caribbean Feeling/Audrey Watson Stepsheet
Caribbean Feeling/ Nathan Carter
41  Repetition    
40  Stuck In My Head/Saku Tonteri, Shane McKeever Stepsheet  Video Stuck In My Head/ Craig Wayne Boyd
39  Repetition    
38  Hungry Heart/Dee Musk  Hungry Heart/Bruce Springsteen 
37  True Believer/Niels Poulsen I believe/ Diamond Rio
36  Summer Sway/ Rachael McEnaney-White Stepsheet  Video  Sway/ Danielle Bradbery 
35 Lonely Drum/ Darren Mitchell   Stepsheet   Video  Lonely Drum/Aaron Goodwin  
35 1159/ Rachael McEnaney-White   Stepsheet   Video  11:59/ The Railers 
35 The Most Beautiful Girl/ Niels Poulsen   Stepsheet   Video  he Most Beautiful Girl/ Charlie Rich 
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Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
16  Repetition    
14  Repetition    
13  Repetition    
12  Drunken Dreams
Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen
Stepsheet  Video Whiskey dreaming/
Morgan Myles
11  Repetition    
10  Nancy Mulligan
Maggie Gallagher, Garry O'Reilly
Stepsheet  Video Nancy Mulligan/Ed Sheeran
Love Is Easy
maria Maag
Stepsheet Video  Love is Easy/McFly
5  2 Lane Highway
Gary O'Railly
 Stepsheet Video  Me & My Girl/Vince Gill
4 Repetition    
3 Carnival Ride
Tina Argyle
Stepsheet  Video Some Town Somewhere
Kenny Chesney
2 Repetition    
1 Recovering
Guillaume Richard
Stepsheet  Video Recovering
Celine Dion
49  Empty Space
Maria Maag
Stepsheet Video Think Of You
Chris Bryan
48  Repetition    
47  Vegas Baby/ Niels Poulsen,
Rachael McEnaney, Shane McKeever,
Stepsheet  Video  Think Of You
Chris Bryan 
46  Repetition    
45  Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls
Maria Maag 
Stepsheet    Girls
Marcus & martinus (feat. Madcon) 
44  Repetition    
43  My Middle Name
Niels Poulsen, Willi Brown
Stepsheet  Video Trouble
Moonnshine Man
42   Efterårsferie    
41  Repetition    
40  Let It Swing
Jamie Barnfield
Stepsheet Video  Let It Swing
39  Sweet Like Lemonade/
Neville Fitzgerald  
Julie Harris
Stepsheet  Video  Lemonade/
Adam Friedman, ft. Mike Posner
38  Some Girls Will
Vikki Morris
Stepsheet  Video  Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won't
Mike Denver
37 So Just Dance Dance!
José Miguel Belloque Vane
Stepsheet Video Can't Stop The feeling/Justin Timberlake
36 Your Heaven!
Niels Poulsen 
 Stepsheet  Video  Take me To Your heaven
Charlotte Nilsson 
36  Gypsy Queen
Hazel Pace 
 Stepsheet  Video  Gypsy Queen
Chris Norman
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Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
15   Repetition    
14   Repetition    
13   Repetition    
11   Sexy Night/ Niels Poulsen,
 Raymond Sarlemijn
  Stepsheet  Video    Voir la nuit s’emballer
 Matt Pokora
10   Repetition    
 Those Russians
 Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet Video  Rasputin
 Boney M
 New Shade Of Blue
 Yvonne Anderson
  Stepsheet  Video  New Shade Of Blue
 Southern Pacific
 Lay Low
 Darren Bailey
  Stepsheet  Video
 Lay Low
 Josh Turner
2  Mama Loo
 Maria Maag
  Stepsheet  Video   Mama Loo
 Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
 Imagine Alle The People
 Birthe Tygesen
  Stepsheet Video  Imagine
John Lennon
51   Repetition    
50   Repetition     
49  The Bomp
 Kim Ray
  Stepsheet  Video   Who Put The Bomp
 The Overtones
48   Repetition    
47   Repetition    
46   Summertime Roll!
 Joey Warren, Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet  Video   In the summertime
 Shaggy feat. Rayvon
45   Cliché Love Song
 Jo Thompson Szymanski,
  Stepsheet  Video    Cliche Love Song
44   Repetition    
43   Written In Scars
 Karl-Harry Winson,
 Ross Brown 
  Stepsheet  Video  Written In Scars
 Jack Savoretti
41   Repetition    
40   Den Allersidste Dans
 Annette Dida Nielsen
  Stepsheet Video  Den allersidste dans
 Kim Larsen
40   We'll Be Alright
 Susanne Mose
  Stepsheet Video  Were Gonna Be Allright
 Mike Denver
39   Far From The Charts
 Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet  Video  Far from the charts
 The Lennerockers
38   Repetition    
37   It Feels Like Rock'n Roll
 Maria Maag
  Stepsheet  Video  It Feels Like Rock'n Roll
37   Ticket To The Blues!
 Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet  Video  One way ticket
36   Repetition    
35  Heavenly Cha
 Dee Musk
 Stepsheet  Video  What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven
 Brandy Clark
34  Tell The World
 Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Stepsheet  Video  Tell The World
 Eric Hutchinson
34  Little Liza Jane
 Niels Poulsen
 Stepsheet  Video  Liza Jane
 Vince Gill
Letøvede danse 14/15 
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
13    Old School Song
 Jannie Tofte Andersen 
 Stepsheet Video  Color Of My Lips
 OMI ft. Busy Signal
11   Repetition    
10   Carters Rock
 Diana Dawson
 Stepsheet  Video  The Way That You Love Me/
 Nathan Carter
 Rock & Roll King
 Rachael McEnaney 
 Stepsheet  Video  Rock And Roll Is King
 Electric Light Orchestra
 My Way
Craig Benneth
 Stepsheet  Video  Get In My Way
 Robin Thicke
 Galway Girls
 Chris Hodgson 
 Stepsheet  Video  Galway Girls
 Sharon Shannon 
50   Repetition    
49   High Cotton
 Niels Poulsen
  Stepsheet  Video   High Cotton
 48   Repetition    
 47   Come Closer/
 Birthe Tygesen 
  Stepsheet  Video   Closer
 Frida Amundsen
46   Repetition    
45   Wonder Train
 Ria Vos
  Stepsheet  Video  Wonder What You’re Doing
 For The Rest Of Your Life
44   Repetition    
43   Cecilia
 Willlie Brown & Heather Barton
  Stepsheet  Video   Cecilia (Breaking my heart)
 The Vamps ft Shawn Mendes
41   Repetition    
 Val Cronin
 Stepsheet  Video  Loslappie On Se Net Ja
 Kurt Darren
 Fall In Love
 Patricia E. Stott
 Stepsheet  Video  Never Gonna Fall In Love/
 Tim  Redmon
 Benny Ray
 Stepsheeet  Video  K-I-S-S/ Rockabilly Heart
 Kate Sala & Robbie McG. Hickie
 Stepsheet  Video  Just One Time/
 Jamie O’Neal
 The Boat To Liverpool
 Ross Browm
  Stepsheet Video  On The Boat To Liverpool
 Nathan Carter
 Those Were The Days
 Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler
   Stepsheet   Video
 Those Were The Days
 Hermes House
34  Don't Say Goodbye
 Alison biggs & Peter Metelnick
   Stepsheet   Video  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
 Such A Fool
 Niels Poulsen
   Stepsheet   Video
  A Fool Such As I
 Jason Donovan
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Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet - Video Musik
14  Repetition    
13  Repetition    
12  A Little Bit Gypsy
 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
   Stepsheet  Video    Little Bit Gypsy
 Kellie Pickler
11  Repetition    
10   Leave You Alone/Joey Warren
 Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
   Stepsheet  Video  Leave You Alone
 Kris Allen
9  Repetition    
7  Repetition    
6   My Olivia/ Marianne
 & Michael Odgaard
   Stepsheet  Video  Olivia
 Rasmus Seebach
5  Round & Round
 Guyton Mundy & Will Craig 
   Stepsheet   Video  4X4
 Meley Cyrus Ft Nelly
4  Young Volcanoes
 Darren Bailey
   Stepsheet   Video  Young Volcanoes
  Fallout Boys
3  Repetition    
2  Repetition    
51  Repetition    
50  Dream Lover
 Daniel Whittaker
   Stepsheet   Video  Dream Lover
 Jason Donavan
48  So Proud
 Carrie Ann Green
   Stepsheet   Video  Can't Stop me Now
 Rod Stewart
 47  Baby I Need Your Loving
 Maria Maag
   Stepsheet   Video  Baby I need Your Loving
 Michael McDonald
46  Repetition    
45  My First Love
 Robbie McGowan Hickie
   Stepsheet   Video  You're my First love
 Eden ft. Lianie May
44  Silver Lining
 Maggie Gallagher
   Stepsheet   Video  Silver Lining
 Kacey Musgraves
43  Repetition    
41  Hurry Up, Slow Down
 Séverine Fillion
   Stepsheet   Video  Hurry Up, Slow Down
 Don Derby
41  This Is Me
 Yvonne Anderson
   Stepsheet   Video  This Is Me Missing You
 James House
40  Repetition    
39  Cloud Number 9
 Dee Musk
   Stepsheet   Video  Cloud Number Nine
 Bryan Adams
38  Mama Loo
 Maria Maag
   Stepsheet   Video  Mama Loo
 Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
37  You Got Away
 Niels Poulsen
   Stepsheet   Video  You Got Away
 Ann Taylor
36  Sweet Maureen
 Rafel Corbi
   Stepsheet   Video  Sweet Maureen
35  Celtic Teardrops
 Maggie Callagher
   Stepsheet   Video  Only Teardrops
 Emmelie De Forest
34  Lord I Hope
 Charlotte Irmgarth Hansen
   Stepsheet   Video  Lord I Hope, This Day Is Good
 Don Willams
34  Got My Baby Back
 Maggie Gallagher
   Stepsheet   Video  I Got My Baby Back
 Derek Ryan
Letøvede danse 12/13
Uge Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
  14  Runaway Train  Craig Bennet  Runaway Train  Sam Callahan
  11  Bruises  Niels Poulsen  Bruises  Train
 9  50 Ways  Pat Stott  50 ways To Say Goodbye  Train
 7  The Belle Of Liverpool  Audrey Watson  The belle Of Liverpool  Derek Ryan
 6  Love You In A Barrel!  Niels Poulsen  Love You In A Barrel!  The Lennerockers
5  Wagon Wheel Rock  Yvonne Anderson  Wagon Wheel  Nathan Carter
4  Makin' Waves  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Pontoon  Little Big Town
3  Stay Stay Stay  Niels Poulsen  Stay Stay Stay  Taylor Swift
2  Honky Tonk Stomp   Phyllis Watson  Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk  Dean Dillon
2  When I Need You  Karl-Harry Winson  When I Need You  Joe McElderry 
47  Anybody Looking For A Fool  Susanne Mose  Is Anybody Looking For A Fool  Kevin Collins
46  Write Your Number  Michelle Risley  Write My Number on Your Hand  Scotty McCreery 
46  Hey Boy  Thomas Malmgren  Hey Boy  Torgny Melins
45  Morning Glory  Simon Ward  Dance In The Mirror  Bruno Mars
44  Land of Dreams  Chris Hodgson  Land of Dreams  Rosanne Cash 
41  Danza Kuduro  Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane & Andres Torti  Danza Kuduro  Don Omar ft Lucenzo
40  Half Past Nothin  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Knock Knock   Jack Savoretti
37  1929  Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie  ‘1929’  Tara Oram
36  Stick Like Glue  Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen  Stuck On You  Elvis Presley
35  RockPaperScissors  MaggieGallagher  ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors  Katzenjammer
34  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Dee Musk  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Rod Stewart
33  Aiko Aiko  Marie Sørensen  Aiko Aiko  Kurt Darren
33  Disappearing Tail Lights   Alison & Peter  Disappearing Tail Lights  Gord Bamford
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