LetÝvede Frederikshavn

Letøvede 19/20
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
48  Thinkin bout you  Amy Glass Thinkin Bout You” by Ciara 
47  Repetition     
46  Cooler than cool/Niels Poulsen   Stepsheet  Video Daddy Cool by Boney M. 
45  Repetition    
 44   Adalaida/Gary O’Reilly Stepsheet   Video  Adalaida by Derek Ryan 
43  Repetition    
41 Tonight Is Real/Maggie Gallagher Stepsheet   Video Tonight Belongs To You by In Real Life
40  Repetition    
39  Angel & Corona/Darren Bailey, Kate Sala , Guylaine Bourdages. Roy Verdonk  Stepsheet   Video Look What God Gave Her
38   Aflyst    
37  Repetition    
36  Bonaparte's reatreat/Madison Glover Stepsheet   Video Bonaparte's Retreat by Glen Campbell
36 Train swing/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video Lover please by Billy Swan
 35   Habibi/Gary O’Reilly  Stepsheet   Video Habibi by Dolly Style 
 34  Senorita la-la-la/Julia Wetzel  Stepsheet Video Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello 
 34 World for two /Gary O'Reilly  Stepsheet Video World For Two by King Calaway 
 34 Ring Ring/ Maria Maag   Stepsheet   Video Ring Ring by ABBA  

Letøvede  18/19
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
15  Repetition    
14  Repetition    
13  Lonely Lovers/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet   Video  Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
by Steve Wariner 
12  Repetition    
11  No Strings Attached/Simon Ward, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen Stepsheet  Video More Than Friends by James Hype, ft. Kelli-Leigh
10  Repetition    
Oh Me Oh My Oh/ Rob Fowler Stepsheet   Video Oh Me Oh My Oh by Derek Ryan
Groovy Love/Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren Stepsheet   Video If Jesus Loves Me by Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed
3 I've Been Waiting For You/ Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Stepsheet   Video I’ve Been Waiting For You by Amanda Seyfried
 Lots Of Love/ Gary O'Reilly. Maggie Gallagher  Stepsheet   Video   Then It's Love/Michael English
50  Repetition    
49  Aflyst    
48  Repetition    
47 Music To My Eyes/Derek Steele& Simon Ward Stepsheet  Video Music To My Eyes/ Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 
46  Repetition     
45  Right now/ Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video Right Now by Nick Jonas & Robin Schultz.
44  Repetition    
43 I Believe/Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham Stepsheet  Video  You Say by Lauren Daigle
 41  Aflyst    
 40   Aflyst    
39   Repetition    
38  Aflyst    
37 Repetition    
36 One Hundred/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video One hundred / Ida Corr.
35 Why Did It Have To Be Me/Annette Nielsen  Stepsheet 
Why Did It Have to Be Me/Josh Dylan, Lily James, Hugh Skinner: Mamm  
35 Love Flow/Niels Poulsen Let your love flow/The Bellamy Brothers
34 Get It Right/ Middison Glover  Stepsheet  Video  Hard Not to Love It/Steve Moalker
34 I Close My Eyes/ Hazel Pace Stepsheet - Video Ich mach meine Augen zu/Chris Norman, Nino de Angelo 
 34  Young at Heart/Niels Poulsen:  Stepsheet - Video Young at heart/The Bluebells 
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