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Letøvede  21/22
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
37  Into The Dark Night/Vikki Morris Stepsheet - Video Runnin' Wild by Midland
 36  Bad Habits Leads To You/ Lene Mainz Pedersen   Stepsheet - Video Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran  
Float Ya' Boat/ Ria Vos Stepsheet  -  Video I Was On A Boat That Day by Old Dominion
Train Wreck/ Niels Poulsen Stepsheet  - Video  Can't Let Go by Jill King
33 Galways Girls/Chris Hodgson Stepsheet  -  Video Galway Girl’ by Sharon
Shannon & Steve Earle
33 Where oh where / Jo Thompson Szymanski Stepsheet  -  Video  Cowboy Up by Vince Gil  
Letøvede  20/21
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
51, 1-2 Aflyst pga. covid-19    
50 Repetition    
49  Ava's Last Laugh/ Darren Tubridy, Rob Fowler   Stepsheet   Video   Who’s Laughing Now by Ava Max  
48  Repetition    
45-47 Aflyst pga. covid-19    
44  Pick up your Phone/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video 634-5789 by The Elgins
43  Repetition    
41  Jerusalema/Colin Ghys, Alison Johnstone. Nuline, The Zezuru Shona People Stepsheet -Video Jerusalema from Master KG
40  For The Longest Time/Roosamekto Mamek Stepsheet   Video The Longest Time by The Overtones
39  There Is A Light/Ivonne Verhagen Stepsheet -Video There's a Light, Robynn Shayne
37  Vaya Con Dios  / Vikki Morris  Stepsheet  Video  Vaya Con Dios, by Framed.
36  Repetition     
35  A Man Is In Love/ Maggie Gallagher, Gary O’Reilly Stepsheet -Video A Man Is In Love/ The Waterboys
34  Cecilia/  Willlie Brown & Heather Barton  Stepsheet -Video  The Vamps ft Shawn Mendes
 34  The boat to liverpool /Ross Browm Stepsheet -Video  On The Boat To Liverpool/Nathan Carter 

Letøvede 19/20
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
13  Aflyst pga Covid-19    
12  Aflyst pga Covid-19    
11   Aflyst pga Covid-19    
10   Crystal touch Claire Bell, Maddison Glover   Stepsheet   Video Slow Hand by Mike Ryan  
Glory Glory/Dwight Meessen & Alison Johnstone  Stepsheet   Video Sun Is Shining by Lost Frequencies
You’re the hero/Niels Poulsen, Shane McKeever
Hero by Mariah Carey
3   Repetition    
Stomp Down/ Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and Sebastiaan Holtland Stepsheet   Video Take Down by Rayelle
50  Repetition    
49  Repetition    
48  Thinkin bout you  Amy Glass Thinkin Bout You” by Ciara 
47  Repetition     
46  Cooler than cool/Niels Poulsen   Stepsheet  Video Daddy Cool by Boney M. 
45  Repetition    
 44   Adalaida/Gary O’Reilly Stepsheet   Video  Adalaida by Derek Ryan 
43  Repetition    
41 Tonight Is Real/Maggie Gallagher Stepsheet   Video Tonight Belongs To You by In Real Life
40  Repetition    
39  Angel & Corona/Darren Bailey, Kate Sala , Guylaine Bourdages. Roy Verdonk  Stepsheet   Video Look What God Gave Her
38   Aflyst    
37  Repetition    
36  Bonaparte's reatreat/Madison Glover Stepsheet   Video Bonaparte's Retreat by Glen Campbell
36 Train swing/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video Lover please by Billy Swan
 35   Habibi/Gary O’Reilly  Stepsheet   Video Habibi by Dolly Style 
 34  Senorita la-la-la/Julia Wetzel  Stepsheet Video Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello 
 34 World for two /Gary O'Reilly  Stepsheet Video World For Two by King Calaway 
 34 Ring Ring/ Maria Maag   Stepsheet   Video Ring Ring by ABBA  

Letøvede  18/19
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
15  Repetition    
14  Repetition    
13  Lonely Lovers/ Maddison Glover Stepsheet   Video  Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
by Steve Wariner 
12  Repetition    
11  No Strings Attached/Simon Ward, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen Stepsheet  Video More Than Friends by James Hype, ft. Kelli-Leigh
10  Repetition    
Oh Me Oh My Oh/ Rob Fowler Stepsheet   Video Oh Me Oh My Oh by Derek Ryan
Groovy Love/Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren Stepsheet   Video If Jesus Loves Me by Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed
3 I've Been Waiting For You/ Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Stepsheet   Video I’ve Been Waiting For You by Amanda Seyfried
 Lots Of Love/ Gary O'Reilly. Maggie Gallagher  Stepsheet   Video   Then It's Love/Michael English
50  Repetition    
49  Aflyst    
48  Repetition    
47 Music To My Eyes/Derek Steele& Simon Ward Stepsheet  Video Music To My Eyes/ Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 
46  Repetition     
45  Right now/ Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video Right Now by Nick Jonas & Robin Schultz.
44  Repetition    
43 I Believe/Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham Stepsheet  Video  You Say by Lauren Daigle
 41  Aflyst    
 40   Aflyst    
39   Repetition    
38  Aflyst    
37 Repetition    
36 One Hundred/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video One hundred / Ida Corr.
35 Why Did It Have To Be Me/Annette Nielsen  Stepsheet 
Why Did It Have to Be Me/Josh Dylan, Lily James, Hugh Skinner: Mamm  
35 Love Flow/Niels Poulsen Let your love flow/The Bellamy Brothers
34 Get It Right/ Middison Glover  Stepsheet  Video  Hard Not to Love It/Steve Moalker
34 I Close My Eyes/ Hazel Pace Stepsheet - Video Ich mach meine Augen zu/Chris Norman, Nino de Angelo 
 34  Young at Heart/Niels Poulsen:  Stepsheet - Video Young at heart/The Bluebells 
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