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 Native American  David Cheshire  Native American  Bellamy Brothers
 Nancy Mulligan  Maggie Gallagher, Garry O'Reilly  Nancy Mulligan  Ed Sheeran
 Need you now   Gwen Walker  Need you now  Lady Antebellum
 Never Tired Of It  Miels Poulsen  Never Tired Of It  Tired of toein the line/ Rocky Burnette 
 New Flame  Gail Smith  New Flame  New Flame/Dr. Victor
 New Shade Of Blue  Yvonne Anderson  New Shade Of Blue  Southern Pacific
 Nimby  Maggie Gallaher  Your Back Yard  Burton Cummings
 No Mans Land  Ria Vos  No Man's Land  LeAnne Mitchell
 No Matter What  Mike Hitchen  No Matter What  Boyzone
 No Place Like You    Gwen Walker  Video   No Place by Back Street Boys
 No Roses  Thomas C Tam  Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes  Paulina Rubio
No Strings Attached Simon Ward, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen No Strings Attached More Than Friends by James Hype, ft. Kelli-Leigh
 No Sun On Sunday  Niels Poulsen  No Sun Om Sunday  Sun On Sunday/James Blunt
 No Tricks  Vivienne Scott  Don't Play With My Heart  Modern Talking
 Not Without Us  Ria Vos  Not Without U  DJ Ötz
Dans Koreograf Video Kunstner
Off The Beaten Track  Gary O'Reilly  Off The Beaten Track  Off The Beaten Track by Derek Ryan
Oh Me Oh My Oh  Rob Fowler   Oh Me Oh My Oh  Oh Me Oh My Oh by Derek Ryan
 Old 97   Diana Dawson  Country Megamix  Magill
 Old School Song  Jannie Tofte Andersen  Color Of My Lips  OMI ft. Busy Signal
 On The Water  Pete Harkness  Walking On The Water  Atomic Kitten
On Top Of The World  Simon Ward   Video   Sitting On Top Of The World, By Delta Goodrem 
 On Your Own  Chris Hodgson  On Your Own  Scooter Lee
 One Hundred  Niels Poulsen  One Hundred   One hundred / Ida Corr.
 One More Day  Julia Wetzel  One More Day  Diamond Rio
 One Too Many  Lene Mainz Pedersen  Video   One Too Many/ Keith Urban & P!nk 
 One too Many  / Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Video   One Too Many/ Keith Urban & P!nk 
 Oops Baby Cody Flowers/, Rachel McEnaney-White  Oops Baby   Oops/Feat. Charlie Puth
 Our Guy!
 Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen  Somebody Elsw's Guy  Jocelyn Brown
 Out and jump  Rep Ghazali  Jump into my bed  Lou Bega
 Out On The Dance Floor  Julie Snailham  Video  Out On The Dance Floor by Triston Mare
 Out  Out   Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen  Video   Out Out by Joel Corry & Jax Jones, feat Charli XCX & Saweeti
Over The Moon Stephen & Claire Rutter  Over The Moon Runaround Sue/ The Overtones
Dans Koreograf Video Kunstner
  Paris In The Rain  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane  Paris In The Rain  Paris In The Rain/Lauv
Parttime Girlfriend Scott Blevins,
Joey Warren and Guyton Mundy
 Parttime Girlfriend  Make Me No. 1/ Felicia Olsson
Perfect   Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot  Perfect Perfect/Ed Sheeran
 People Are Crazy   Gaye Teather   People are crazy  Billy Currington
 People Like You  Joey Warren  People Like You  Beautiful People/Cher Lloyd
 Pizzirico  Dyna,ite Dot Davies  Pizziricco Pizziricco/ The Mavericks
 Playing With Fire  Craig Bennet   Bad Boys   Alexandra Burke
  Please Yourself  Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis  Please Yourself   Garden Party/John Fogerty
 Piano Man  Robbie McGowan Hickie,
Tony Vassell
  Shake Your Boogie and Roll   Pete Stothard
 Pick  up Your Phone  Niels Poulsen Video  634-5789 by The Elgins
 Pink Champagne - easy   Lene Mainz Pedersen
Emma Skov Støttrup Mainz
 Pink Champagne - easy  Pink Champagne/
Nick Lopez
 Pizziricco  Dyna,ite Dot Davies   Pizziricco Pizziricco/ The Mavericks
  Playboys  Karl-Harry Winson  Video  Playboys by Midland
 Pot Of Gold  Liam Hrycan  Dance Above The Rainbow  Ronan Hardiman 
 Prayer in C  Francien Sittorp  Prayer in C  Lilly Woods,The Prick, Robin Schultz
 Prejudice  Debbie McLaughli  Free Your Min  En Vogu
 Pushin & Shovin  Maggie Gallagher  Pushin & Shovin  Pushin and Shovin / Billow Wood
Dans Koreograf Video Kunstner
 Queen Of My Heart  Birthe Tygesen   Queen Of My Heart  Westlife
 Quarter After One   Levi J. Hubbard  Need You Now  Lady Antebellum
Dans Koreograf Video Kunstner
 Raining cats and dogs   Audrey Watson   I catched a cold i scotland  Loco Loco
Raised Like That Darren Bailey Video  Raised Like That by James Johnston
 Reason To Stay  Darren Bailey  Reason To Stay  Reason To Stay by Brett Young
 Recovering  Guillaume Richard  Recovering  Recovering/Celine Dion
 Remember Us This Way  Alison Johnstone & Daniel Trepat  Remember Us This Way  Always Remember Us This Way by Lady GaGa
Reunited! Niels Poulsen Video Undivided by Tim McGraw
 Ride Away   Robbie McGowan Hickie  Video  Ride With Me by The Mavericks
 Right now/  Niels Poulsen  Right now  Right Now by Nick Jonas & Robin Schultz.
Ring Ring Maria maag  Ring Ring Ring Ring by ABBA
 Rita's waltz  Jo Thomson  He'll have to go  The Deans
 Rhyme or Reason  Rachel McEnaney  It happens Sugarland
 Rhythm Of The Night  Simon Ward  Rhythm Of The Night  Timbaland feat Francisco
 Rock & Roll King  Rachael McEnaney  Rock And Roll Is King  Electric Light Orchestra
 Rocket to the Sun
 Maddison Glover  Rocket to the Sun  What You've Done to Me/Samantha Jade
 Rolling Stone   Niels Poulsen     In my bones by Ray Dalton
 Roots   Tina Argyle   Roots   Roots/Zac Brown Band
Rose-A-Lee Preben Klitgaard Video Rosealee - Smokie
 Round & Round  Guyton dMundy & Will Craig  Round & Round  4X4/Miley Cyrus Ft Nelly
 Round Your Finger  Joey Warren  Round Your Finger  Round Your Little Finger/Katherine McPhee
 Will Craig  Running  Running/James Bay
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