Øvede Sindal

Øvede  21/22
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
37  Repetition    
36 Bad Habits/Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Stepsheet - Video : Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran
35  Repetition    
34  Tonight We're Dancing/Maddison Glover Stepsheet  -  Video Tonight We're Dancing by Chris Young
33 Country in 3/ MicheleBurton,MaddisonGlover,
Stepsheet Video CountryinMebyLaurenAlain
33  And I say/Gary O'Reilly  Stepsheet - Video  What's Up by Hannah Grace & Sonny
Øvede  20/21
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
51, 1-2 Aflyst pga. covid-19    
49 Repetition     
48  Sweet Attraction/Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, Dee Musk Stepsheet  Video What Gave Me Away by Trisha Yearwood
46-47 Aflyst pga. covid 19    
45  Repetition    
44 One Too Many/ Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Stepsheet  Video One Too Many by Keith Urban Ft. Pink.
43 Repetition    
41 Southern Dreams/ Maddison Glover  Stepsheet -Video I Dream In Southern by Kaleb Lee Ft. Kellie Clarkson
40  Repetition    
39  Validation/Simon Ward Stepsheet -Video Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware
38  Repetition    
 37  Rolling Stone/ Niels Poulsen   Stepsheet  Video  In my bones by Ray Dalton
 36  Repetition     
35   Wanna Know/Niels Poulsen    Stepsheet -Video Naked by Bexar  
34 Home to Donegal/Heather Barton, Niels Poulsen    Stepsheet -Video  Home to Donegal by Nathan Carter.

Øvede 19/20
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
13 Aflyst pga Covid-19    
12 Aflyst pga Covid-19    
11 Wanna Know/Niels Poulsen  Stepsheet   Video   Naked by Bexar  
10  Repetition    
Home to Donegal/Heather Barton, Niels Poulsen  Stepsheet   Video Home to Donegal by Nathan Carter.
Legend/  Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Stepsheet   Video Feeling Good by Ofenbach, ft. Alexandre Joseph
3 Selfish/Robbie McGowan Hickie Stepsheet   Video Selfish (Radio Edit) by Stephanie Quayle
2  Repetition    
51  Repetition    
50  Repetition    
49  Hey now/Gary O’Reilly  Hey Now by Ira Losco
48  Repetition    
47  Repetition    
46  3 To Tango/Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & José Miguel Belloque Vane Stepsheet  Video 3 To Tango by Pitbull
45  Aflyst    
 44   Get Wild/Maddison Glover  and Jo Thompson Szymanski  Stepsheet  Video  Wild – LOLO
43  Repetition     
41  Repetition     
40  Moves/Simon Ward,  Shane McKeever  Stepsheet  Video Moves, By Hot Shade, Mike Perry & Mika Zibanejad
39  Aflyst    
38  Repetition    
37 Just A Phase/Fred Whitehouse (IE) & Maddison Glover Stepsheet   Video Just A Phase by Adam Craig
36   Repetition     
 35 Everything I have/ Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher  Stepsheet   Video  Better Man by Westlife 
 34 Thorn in my side/Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video  Thorn in my side by Eurythmics 
 34 Simply the best /Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White  Stepsheet   Video The Best (Edit) - Tina Turner 
Øvede  18/19
Uge Dans - Koreograf Stepsheet -Video Musik
15  Repetition    
14  Repetition    
13  Kiss Of heaven/ Niels Poulsen Stepsheet   Video Nos fuimos lejos by Enrique Iglesias & Descemer Bueno feat. El Micha
12  Repetition    
11  generalforsamling/rep    
10  Keep It Simple/Karl-Harry Winson Stepsheet   Video Keep It Simple by James Baker Band
9  Repetition    
Reason To Stay/Darren Bailey Stepsheet   Video Reason To Stay by Brett Young
4 The One You’re Waiting On/Maddison Glover Stepsheet   Video  The One You’re Waiting On by Alan Jackson
Blessed/Jackie Miranda Stepsheet   Video Blessed by Elton John
2 Diggin'/ Amy Glass Stepsheet   Video  Diggin'/ Kovacs
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