Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
 Same Boat   Rachael McEnaney-White Video  Same Boat by Zac Brown Band
 Save The Day  Karl-Harry Winson  Video  One Call Away/Charlie Puth
 Sea of heartbreak  Niels Poulsen  Video  Rosanne Cash feat. Bruce Springsteen
 Sea Salt Sally  Kate Sala  Video  Sea Salt Sally/Rick Guard
 Second Time Around  Fred Whitehouse, Darren bailey  Video  Second Time Around/Jack Mosbacher
 Secrets We Keep  Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen   Video The Secrets That We Keep by Sara Evans
 Selfish  Robbie McGowan Hickie    Selfish (Radio Edit) by Stephanie Quayle
Senorita la-la-la  Julia Wetze   Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
 Sexy Night   Niels Poulsen/Raymond Sarlemijn    Voir la nuit s’emballer/ Matt Pokora
 Shake That   Madison Glover  Video   Shake That / Samantha Jade ft. Pittbull
Shaky Gary Lafferty Video  Oh Julie by Shakin’ Stevens
 Shakin Mix  Yvonne Baalen    Hitmix/Shakin Stevens
 Shania's Moment  Nathan Easey  Video  Shania Twain
  Shape Of You  Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto  Video Shape Of You/ Ed Sheeran
 Shaping Up  Robbie McGowan Hickie    The Deans
 Shattered Dreams  Karl-Harry Winson  Video  The Overtones
 She Believes  Kate Sala  Video  Kenny Rogers
 Shivers Baby Gitte Kunckel Stehr Video  Shivers - Ed Sheeran
 Show Me Your Teeth  Roy Verdonk & Wil Bo  Video  Lady Ga Ga
 Side By Side  Patricia E. Stott  Video  Joni Harms
 Silver Lining  Maggie Gallagher    Silver Lining/Kacey Musgraves
 Silver Moon  Kate Sala    Enrique Iglesias
Simply The Best  Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White  Video  The Best (Edit) - Tina Turner 
 Skinny Genes  Pat and Lizzie Stott  Video  ‘Skinny Genes’ by Eliza Doolittle
 Sko og støvler  ?    Shubidua
Slamming Doors  Rob Fowler    Ben Haenow
Slow Surrender  Niels Poulsen     Mads Langer
Smooth talkin'  Fred Whitehouse (IRL) & Shane McKeever  Video equila Talkin' by Kameron Marlowe
 SGS  Gary O'Reilly  Video  Despasito/ Luis Fonsi
 Smukke Charley  Maria maag   Det var Inga, Katinka og Smukke Charley by Gasolin
 So Just Dance Dance!  José Miguel Belloque Vane   Video  Can't Stop The feeling/Justin Timberlake
 So Proud Carrie Ann Green    Rod Stewart
 Soak Up The Sun  Ria Vos    A Few Good Stories/ Brett Kissel
 Some Girls Will  Vikki Morris  Video  Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won't/ Mike Denver
Some Kind Of Wonderful Gary O'Reilly Video   Some Kind Of Wonderful/Gary O'Reilly
 Some Nights  Maggie Gallagher  Video  Fun
Someday  Niels B. Poulsen Video  Alex Feat Nik & Jay
 Something in the water  Niels Poulsen  Video  Brooke Fraser
 Something About A Woman  Gaye Theather    Luke And mel
 Sound Of Silence  Guyton Mundy  Video  Sound Of Silence/Disturbed
 Southern Dreams  Maddison Glover   Video   I Dream In Southern by Kaleb Lee Ft. Kellie Clarkson
 Speak To The Sky  Keith Davies    Brendon Walmsley
 Speak With Your Heart  Peter & Alison   Video  Collin Raye
 Stars In My Eyes  Susanne Mose  Video  Jessico/Kentuckyr Headhunters
 Stay Stay Stay  Niels Poulsen  Video  Taylor Swift
 Stealing The best  Rosie Multari  Video  Dance Above The rainbow
 Ronan hardiman
 Stick Like Glue  Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen  Video  Elvis Presley
 Stings Like AB  Allison & Peter  Video  Where Did Our Love Go/
 Stitch it up  Robbie McGowan Hickie    Elvis medley/The Dean Brothers
Stop Staring At  My Eye  Raymond Sarlemjin,
 Niels Poulsen
    Boobs/Bellamy Brothers 
 Stomp Down  ose Miguel Belloque Vane and Sebastiaan Holtland  Video  Take Down by Rayelle
 Story Madison Glover    Story by Drake White
 Stuck  Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren  Video  Nessa Morgan
 Stuck With ?  Pim Van Grootel  Video  Sugarland
 Stuck In My Head  Saku Tonteri, Shane McKeever  Video  Stuck In My Head/ Craig Wayne Boyd
 Stumbling In  Tina Argyle  Video  Stumbling In/Paul Bailey & Kelly McCall
 Sugar Sugar  Elisa Lau    The Archies
 Summer Celebration  Ira Weisburd  Video  Celebrate Da Summertime/ Pandera
 Summertime Roll!  Joey Warren, Niels Poulsen  Video   In the summertime/Shaggy feat. Rayvon 
 Summer Shake  Ivonne Verhagen  Video   Shake it by Casanovas
 Summer Sway  Rachael McEnaney-White  Video  Sway/ Danielle Bradbery
 Sunshine And Rain  Barbara Lowe  Video  Bodies Without organs
 Sundancer  Peter & Alison  Video  Tim Tim
 Such A Fool   Niels Poulsen  Video  Jason Donovan
 Super trooper line dance  Dancemood studio    Abba
 Suspicious Mind  Simon Ward  Video  Clay Aitkin
 Sweet Attraction  Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, Dee Musk  Video   What Gave Me Away by Trisha Yearwood
 Sweet Like Lemonade  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Video Lemonade/
Adam Friedman, ft. Mike Posner
 Sweet Maureen  Rafel Corbi  Video  Sweet maureen/ Jambalaya
Dans Koreograf Musik/Video Kunstner
  Tag med ud og fisk     Tag med ud og fisk  Tag med ud og fisk/Gitte Henning
 Take me To The River Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren  Take Me To The River  Take Me To The River/Kaleida
 T ake Me To The River - easy   Lene Mainz Pedersen  Take Me To The River - easy   Take Me To The River/Kaleida
 Take A Breather  Maggie Callagher  Take A breather  I Need A Breather/Darryl Worley
Taps  Darren Bailey   Taps Waiting for you / Taps 
 Tara's Dance   Tina Argyle   Tara's Dance   Love Song/Kevin Fowler
 Teenage Dreams Helen O'Maley & Rob Fowler  Teenage Dreams Happy Days / The Overtones
 Tell The Truth  /Niels Poulsen, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray  Tell The Truth Please don't Lie/Hugo Helmig
 Tell The World    Robbie McGowan Hickie  Tell The World  Eric Hutchinson
 Tell Your Heart To Beat Again  Jo Kinser, Jonas Dalhgren,
 Michael Barr
 Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Tell Your Heart To Beat Again/
Danny Gokey
 Tennesse Waltz Surprise   Andy Chumbley    Tennesee Waltz/Ireen Sheer
 Texas Time  Lene Mainz   Texas Time  Texas Time / Keith Urban
 Thai Of My Life  Simon Ward  Thai Of My Life  Think About You/Delta Goodrem
 Thanks A Lot  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Thanks A Lot  Thanks A Lot/Martina McBride
 That's Up  Gudrun Schneider, Martina Ecke  That's Up  Up/Olly Murs feat. Demi Lovato
 The Bell Of Liverpool  Audrey Watson  The Bell Of Liverpool  The Bell Of Liverpool/Derek Ryan
 The Boat To Liverpool
Ross Browm The Boat To Liverpool  On The Boat To Liverpool/Nathan Carter
 The Bomp  Kim Ray  The Bomp  Who Put The Bomp/The Overtones
The Drifter  Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell The Drifter  You Don’t Know Me/
 The Flute  Maggie Gallagher  The Flute  Flute/Barcode Brothers
 The Freeze  Ric Silver  The Freeze  Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys 
 The Galway Gathering  Maggie Gallagher  The Galway Gathering  Games People Play/ Nathan Carter
 The Little Farmer  Mona Leth  Video  The Farmer by Robert Mizzel
 The Most Beautiful Girl  Niels Poulsen The Most Beautiful Girl  Charlie Rich
 The One You’re Waiting On  Maddison Glover  The One You’re Waiting On The One You’re Waiting On by Alan Jackson
 The Picnic Polka  David Paden   The Picnic Polka  Cowboy Sweetheart/LeAnn Rimes
 The Queen  Rémi Lemaire – Guillaume Richard – Gaetan Bachelle  The Queen  Christine and The Queens
 The Real World  Ruthie B   Real World  D-Side
 The Rose  Maria Maag  The Rose  The Rose/Westlife
 The Shape Of You  Lene Mainz Pedersen
Emma Skov Støttrup Mainz
 The Shape Of You  Shape Of You/Ed Sheeran
The Waiting Game  Fred Whitehous/Joey Warren The Waiting Game  Waiting Game/Parson James
 There Are Times...   Nevil & Julie  There Are Times...   Unthink You/ Wiktoria
 There Is A Light  Ivonne Verhagen  Video   There's a Light, Robynn Shayne
 Think I'm Sexy  Rachel McEnaney-White & Laura Lopez  Da Ya Think I'm Sexy  Rod Stewart
Thinking About You  Benny Ray  Thinking About You  I’ve Been Thinking About You/ Londonbeat
 Thinkin bout you    Amy Glass  Video  Thinkin Bout You” by Ciara 
 This And That  Gary Lafferty     Woman/Mark Chesnutt
 This Is Me  Yvonne Anderson  This Is Me Missing You  James House
 Thorn in my side Niels Poulsen  Video   Thorn in my side by Eurythmics 
 Those Russians  Niels Poulsen   Those Russians  Rasputin/Boney M
 Those Were The Days  Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler  Those Were The Days  Hermes House
 Ticket To The Blues!   Niels Poulsen  Ticket To The Blues!  One way ticket/Eruption
 Tired of Toein' the Line  Inge Vestergård   Video   Tired of Toein' the Line/Rocky Burnette
 T'morrow Never Knows   Maggie Gallagher  Tomorrow Never
  Tomorrow Never Knows/Bruce Springsteen 
 Timber  Allison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  Timber  Pitbull feat. Ke$ha
 Tonight Is Real  Maggie Gallagher  Video  Tonight Belongs To You by In Real Life
 Tonight We're Dancing  Maddison Glover  Video  Tonight We're Dancing by Chris Young
 Touchy  Niels Poulsen  Touchy  Sentimental/Gareth Gates
 Top Of The World  Sharon Hutchinson  Top Of The World  The Carpenters
 Trailerhood  Alison & Peter  Trailerhood  Trailerhood/Toby Keith
Train swing Niels Poulsen  Video  
 Train Wreck   Niels poulsen  Video Can't Let Go by Jill King
  Treasure  Craig bennett and Linda MCCormack  Treasure  Treasure/Bruno Mars
 Tripple Mix  Lorna Mursell   Tripple Mix   Country Medley
Nathan Carter
 True Believer  Niels Poulsen  True believer   I believe/Diamond Rio
 Try Everything /Lene Mainz Pedersen Try Everything Home Free
 Tuesday Blues    Simon Ward  Tuesday Blues  Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
 Elton John
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